Updated Member Referral Incentives!

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We grow primarily through word of mouth referrals from members in the gym. Our community thrives on like minded individuals that enjoy working hard, keeping consistent, and engaging in group bonding exercise.

Effective with new memberships on 6/1/17 until further notice, members will receive the following of their choice:

  • One hour personal training session with their Instructor
  • $50 off the next month’s membership,
  • 60 Minute Massage from Muscle Mechanix
  • 1 Cryotherapy Session and 30 Minutes in Normatec Recovery Pants from CryoRVA

These incentives are redeemable to the member after the person they refer signs up for a Group Class Membership. The referral incentive does not apply to temporary memberships, punch cards, Elements, and personal training, or to family members qualifying for the Family Discount.


More info and referral form found here.