UPDATED: Performance Nutrition Challenge – Summer 2017

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PNC Guide/Handout

Weigh-in Submission Form

Enter your Bodyfat % AND weight here. Scale instructions (PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW)

Bodyfat Percentage Scale Instructions

-Only record pre-workout. Hydration levels greatly impact the readings.

-Try to maintain consistent hydration across weigh-ins.

-3 readings must be taken on separate days on both the initial test week and the test- out week. If you get an outlier, record a 4th reading.

-Reading must be completed WITHOUT SOCKS.

Turn ON

DOWN ARROW until appropriate sex and “athletic” is selected.

Press SET

ARROW to appropriate age

Press SET

ARROW to appropriate height

Press SET

Wait until scale reads 0.0

Step on

Wait until Bodyfat Percentage appears

Record bodyfat percentage and weight in form.

Workout Score Submission Form
-Workout scores must be submitted by Sunday, 6/11. Submit total elapsed time. Workout will be performed officially on Tuesday, 6/6. Make-ups can be performed outside of that time if necessary.


Now that we’re starting to get settled into the new gym, it’s time for an RVA tradition – the Performance Nutrition Challenge (or PNC for short). The PNC has a very long history in our gym, and has passed through many phases as both the needs of the gym and new nutrition trends and information have become available.

The basics of the PNC are very straightforward. The PNC is a scored “challenge”, with winners based on body composition improvement, performance improvement as dictated by score on a workout, and compliance. We complete testing before and after a set period of time in which everyone follows a similar dietary prescription.

The details on how of all of the above are carried out has changed from challenge to challenge, but we can thankfully say that whatever we have done has given many of our participants great results.

While “everyone just wants to look good naked”, we take pride having a holistic view of health, fitness, and performance. For that reason, we include and score both the performance test and the compliance measurement. The performance test can go a long way in showing how properly fueling your body will not just improve your body composition, but assist with recovery and performance in the gym. The compliance score will improve accountability, and hopefully take this short challenge and create long term lifestyle changes.

With a little background out of the way, here are the initial details for this Performance Nutrition Challenge:


Every participant will be provided macros to follow. Our own Kim Glass will be determining macros individually for every participant. You’ll be told how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat to have each day. Compliance scores will be based on staying within a certain number of grams for each of your macronutrients.
Everyone participating should get their food from “whole food” sources. For the most part, this is foods that are perishable, don’t have nutrition labels, and found on the perimeter of the grocery store.

Macros will be distributed through team spreadsheets no later than Friday, 6/9


  • Initial Information Meeting: 5/31, 7:30pm
  • Bodyfat Tests: Week of 6/5
  • Test Workout: 6/6
  • 7 Weeks of Awesome Eating: 6/12 through 7/28
  • Bodyfat Retests: Week of 7/24
  • Retest Workout: 7/25


$50 per person. Everyone will be charged Thursday, 6/8 through their membership payment account.


Teams will consist of 4-6 members. You’ll have the option to form your own teams, but you can also sign up individually and we’ll put you on teams. Teams will be formed before Friday, 6/9.


Scoring is team based. Each portion of the score with be calculated for the individual, and then averaged out to determine a team score.

Bodyfat: % improvement: 40% of score
Performance: % improvement in workout: 40% of score
Compliance: % of days in compliance: 20% of score


Compliance is measured on a daily basis as an all or nothing score (in compliance or not). Being in compliance is determined by the following:

  • Tracked all food using My Fitness Pal that day
  • Within 5 grams on each macros (+/-)Daily compliance must be recorded in the team spreadsheet no later than Sunday of each week, or compliance numbers will be turned into a 0
  • Tracking Team Information

    Each team will be provided a a shared google spreadsheet where members will:

  • Receive initial macros
  • Receive any changes to their macros
  • Record daily compliance
  • Prizes:

    All members of the first place team will get $100. More prizes may be announced in the future.


      See PNC guide at the top of this post.

      We’ll have a “macro friendly” potluck approximately halfway through the Challenge.
      At the end of the Challenge, we’ll find a fun way to celebrate

      Kim Glass will be available throughout the Challenge to answer questions and adjust macros as needed to ensure everyone makes progress.


      Please check out Human Food RVA for meal prep/delivery services!