6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Fat Loss (+ 6 Tips!)

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  1. Eating too much.

    This seems so obvious I know, but most of us have no idea how many calories we are eating. Especially if you don’t cook your own food! Take some time and figure out how much you’re eating every day.

    Tip: Start tracking your food and input into something like MyFitnessPal. This alone is a powerful tool to begin to understand how to get a handle on your nutrition.

  2. Not eating enough protein.

    Protein is such a great macro to be consistent with. It doesn’t convert to body fat easily, it’s very filling and can keep you satisfied. This in turn can keep you from overeating. If you’re trying to build and maintain muscle, adequate protein is a must!

    Tip: Spread your protein intake throughout your day, being sure to get some in at each meal.

  3. Drinking too much alcohol.

    Alcohol is a toxin and that is how our bodies recognize it. If you had a few (or several) drinks the night before a workout, keep in mind the only thing you’ll be burning off is the alcohol from that workout. When it comes to choosing between burning body fat or alcohol, your body will choose to get rid of the alcohol 100% of the time.

    So if you’re drinking every night, be aware that this is most likely sabotaging your fat loss goals.

    Tip: Start to cut back some and see how it affects you. Or cut it out all together and watch how your body changes!

  4. Not sleeping enough.

    This can be a huge factor when it comes to fat loss. When you’re lacking in sleep, this leads to increased daytime cortisol levels. Optimally, we want increased cortisol when waking up for our day (which gives us energy). However as the day goes on a decrease in cortisol will help us get to sleep at night.

  5. Sleep is the unsung hero of fat loss!

    Tip: Getting 8 hours of quality sleep at night is vital to reaching your fat loss goals and feeling your best! Start unwinding an hour before bed by reading, turning off all electronics, taking a bath or meditating. This will help prepare the body for sleep.

  6. High stress levels.

    Did you know experiencing a lot of stress in your life will prevent you from achieving fat loss? Stress, no matter the source, impacts our bodies the same. When your body perceives a stressor, cortisol is released (yes, we are back to talking about cortisol!) and too much cortisol will prevent fat loss.

  7. Tip: Find ways to minimize your stress levels. Some ideas are: journaling, taking a walk, meditation, working out, getting more sleep, cleaning up your diet, drinking enough water, and learning deep breathing techniques to calm your central nervous system.

  8. Calorie-heavy drinks.

    Example: Stopping by to grab a sugar-packed coffee from Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop. This can sabotage your fat loss goals with repeated visits!

    Tip: If you’re opting for the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte, of course), swap it out for an almond milk latte and some cinnamon or other seasonal spices. Now, if you’ve gotta have the syrup because you just love it, go for 1 pump instead of 4. These little changes add up and can really help at the end of the day with overall calorie intake.