2019 Fall CrossFit Open at RVA Performance Training

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We can’t believe the Open is almost here. I am going to give you some preliminary details to look out for, as we have some awesome things planned this year!

This link breaks things down to an insanely simple easy to read format.

Below is our weekly layout for the 5 weeks of the Open. There will be plenty of opportunity to continue to build strength/skill, PR, and be involved socially!  

Schedule for the live announcements:
All dates are Thursdays, at 8pm

20.1 = 10/10
20.2 = 10/18
20.3 = 10/25
20.4 = 11/1
20.5 = 11/8


  • We will be doing a special Open shirt design!
  • As a consolation prize for those registered through crossfit.com, we will be providing a shirt to you…FO’ FREE

Weekly Schedule:


  • No 7:30pm Class
  • Open gym will be available for those who regularly use that time slot
  • We will Instagram Live Steam each week at ~8:15pm a face off between a group or two people!


  • Every Friday in OCTOBER we’re opening all of our RVA Fit and CrossFit classes to the public.  Rather than paying a drop in fee, we’ll be collecting donations to give to the Pink Ink Fund
  • Please invite friends, family, and coworkers on Fridays and consider donating yourself!
  • Open make ups will be 1-2pm each Friday


  • 9am heat start time
  • I will send out a google heat sheet via email and Facebook. It will also be available on our IG and on the computers at the gym Friday.
  • Each week I will be supplying refreshments to those involved in the Open!
  • Look out for an email each week on what I will be supplying as well as a fun theme to implement!


  • Make ups from 6:30-8:00pm, most likely on the CrossFit side.

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a breakdown of our format this year!