Why We’re No Longer Affiliated With CrossFit

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Hey folks,
It’s a long one, buckle up.

As many of you have already seen, we posted the following statement to Instagram yesterday.  

“We can’t stand behind the actions and words of @crossfit and are pulling our affiliation.⁠

They could have used this opportunity to address racism, to show their Black community they care, and to provide leadership.⁠

Instead they’ve made a mockery out of George Floyd’s killing while making light of the racism Black Americans face every day. They’ve brushed off affiliates that have reached out, while otherwise standing on the sidelines.⁠

We’re out”

If you need context to that, a quick google search of “CrossFit” right now will get you where you need to be.

It’s really that simple.  We stand with the Black community at large, as well as our own staff and members.  We stand firmly against racism – specifically in this case what Black Americans contend with on a daily basis.

I don’t see this as a political position, but a moral one.  Some things are clearly the right choice and a matter of values.  

We appreciate the support from our community.  I am especially appreciative of conversations I’ve had with my wife, Kat, our staff members, and close friends for bringing clarity to this decision.  CJ’s video and CrossFit HQ subsequently blocking him gave me a big push in the right direction.  I don’t deserve any praise here – hard decisions are made easy when you’re surrounded by great people.

Nothing will change as far as how we train in the gym.  If you’re unaware, our relationship with CrossFit was incredibly loose.  We paid for the name, and got to choose how we applied their publicly available methodology.  We will adjust the name of our (former) CrossFit program, but thankfully have been building the RVA Performance Training name for years.

Appreciate your continued support!