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I vividly remember first getting a Concept 2 rower.  One of our initial “big” purchases before actually having a place to train, we somehow got the funds together to buy one for our apartment.

I’m pretty sure I hopped on, and with little thought or care in the world, knocked out a 2k row as fast as I could.

There was probably nothing that resembled good technique.  And when I say I vividly remember that first experience, what I really remember is the pain and little else. 

You see, with zero pacing and no knowledge of how to actually row, I pushed as hard as I could, to something along the lines of a 7:30 2k.  Not exactly phenomenal, but maybe not bad for my first try.

But the pain afterwards, I’ll never forget.  My quads, glutes, and low back had left my body.  My lungs were on fire. 

That was the kind of feeling I was chasing back then – but thankfully we train a little smarter now.

We’ve got great folks like Cassi Niemann from UCanRow2 on our side, helping our staff, members, and glorious YouTube subscribers learn to row better.

She’s already put out some of the best Concept2 videos on YouTube with us, and this week, we have a fundamental drill (The PICK Drill) that will help you lock in better form to row more efficiently.

Click below, and make sure to subscribe while you’re there!

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