Best At-Home Equipment

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Most of us at some point over the past year or so have tried an at-home workout.  Chances are you were cooped up, a little stir crazy, and missing your time in the gym.

For some of our members – whether that was during quarantine or now with our long-term RVAPT Online folks – training at home has been incredibly effective.

They’ve skipped the drive to the gym.  They train WHEN and (obviously) WHERE they want.  And they’re still making great progress.

Honestly, I had my doubts as we first closed the gym for quarantine.  But, I KNEW we had to try our best to offer something that could keep our members moving in the right direction.

Some members have seen incredible progress, and continue to do so!

But STILL, one of the questions we seem to get is – don’t you need to have a ton of equipment?

While a badass garage gym is nice – you only need a few small things to get you going. 

In this week’s video, Coach Heather goes over her favorite picks for at-home equipment.

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