3 Tools for Daily Mindfulness

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This isn’t a particularly novel message, but it’s one I’m sure a few of you can relate to:

It’s been a pretty tough year or so.

And by that I mean, not just the reality of things, but how our minds have processed it.  Many of us have felt job related stress and feelings of social isolation in ways and to a degree we’d never experienced before.

Being a business owner has its perks, but also has created plenty of challenging situations.  While I thought I was pretty well-equipped to handle them, this past year felt like it was just one thing after the other. 

I felt a level of stress and anxiety creeping that I was entirely unprepared for – to the point where even little issues seemed it a huge deal.

For me a big part of the solution was picking up some mindfulness tools and a daily meditation practice.  I especially got a lot out of Emily Fletcher’s Stress Less, Accomplish More.

After reading it, I kept telling myself I should really talk with Ellie about this stuff.

Ellie is a member, a Life Coach and Meditation Teacher.  I first met her years before she was a member when we had her to the gym to teach yoga.  She puts out so much great information through her instagramwebsite, and patreon.

So, talk with her I did!  The result is this week’s video – she gives a few tools for daily mindfulness practice (specifically to help with anxiety and stress).  And we have a great series coming up these next few weeks on goal setting!

See ya,

Jake Rowell
Owner, RVA Performance Training