“I’m not ‘good’ at the gym and working out on my own“

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Sometimes all you need is a little support and guidance. And it’s not always about knowing what you should be doing!

Some folks find that they’re just spinning their wheels in the gym, or never find their groove.  What they’re often missing is the support and accountability that comes from coaches and a community that cares.

Leland is a long-time member of RVA Performance Training, and found a supportive and energetic community in our RVA Fit program.

“I like having a group or a community around me.  To help me, to motivate me.  To really make sure I’m working as hard as I can when I’m at the gym.

In our RVA Fit classes, we’re constantly moving through a high-intensity hour of exercise.  These bootcamp style workouts in Richmond VA change constantly, making sure you’re having fun and staying engaged.  And our community and coaches support you along the way.

Leland found the benefits of training extended well beyond his time in the gym too!

“When you feel good, and feel good about what you’re doing, you feel good everywhere else you exist”.

If you’d like to see how support and accountability can change your life, register to talk with one of our coaches to start your fitness journey at RVAPT.