“I appreciate that we as athletes are met where we are” 

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Our Barbell members come to us from different backgrounds, for different reasons, with different expectations.

For us, it’s important to be able to work with athletes of all kinds. Absolute beginners just getting their feet wet, long-term committed enthusiasts, and high level athletes.

It’s a big reason athletes like Parker choose to train with us.

“I appreciate that we as athletes are met where we are. Had a bad day and want minimal interaction with a coach? Cool. Want me to watch this next complex so you have two more sets to go through any corrections? Be right there. Taking this seriously cause your want to go to nationals? Let’s talk about goals and mindset. “

By meeting athletes where they are in life, we can make weightlifting, and the many benefits it brings, a part of people’s lives.

“With consistent long term goals and programming that you can see 12 weeks out, a lot of things move into perspective. You are going to have rough and frustrating training days, and that is rough and frustrating but that is one day in week five of a twelve week program. You came in. Gave it your best shot. Move on. It will be better next week and the week after that, cause even your crappy training day is another brick in the wall. That routine focus and framing has helped me to keep my eyes on the prize of simply trending upward. Besides if going to the gym to do some heavy squats and get my body weight over my head is my idea of fun after a long and brutal week at work, that meeting on Monday doesn’t stand a chance.”

If you’re ready to see how weightlifting can be a part of life, come join us for Barbell Basics!

This 8 week beginner’s program begins on 4/30. Come train with us bright and early at 6am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It just might be the start of something that winds up being a big part of your life.

Email us at info@rvaperformancetraining.com for more info!