RVA Performance Training has been leading the pack since 2007

While training methods have changed over the years, we’ve kept our focus on serving our clients by keeping the most experienced instructors on staff and creating unique and individualized programs that serve a wide variety of clientele.

We are dedicated to helping our clients reach and exceed their fitness goals while having fun and making life-long friends. We do this through a proven process of introducing new clients to the exercise world through one-on-one personal training and instructor-led group fitness classes that cater to their specific fitness level.


A different kind of workout

Unlike a traditional gym, we’ve traded in all those exercise and weight machines for a more effective training program that uses basic bodyweight controls as well as kettlebells, free weights and many other strength and conditioning methods.

The workouts are constantly changing, keeping it interesting and exciting while helping you reach your goals faster than any machine could.

Personalized training

Our group training and personal training programs take the guesswork out of working out. From warm up to cool down, you will know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing every time you step foot in our gym.

Certified instructors work with you during every class to ensure you’re performing the workouts safely and efficiently, giving you better results and the confidence to keep reaching your goals.

No matter who is teaching your daily class, your Elements instructor is your instructor “for life” and can always answer questions and help cheer you on.

Experienced Staff & Unique Programs

We have several full time staff members, each with college degrees in exercise-related fields.

All of our instructors are certified, and many hold additional high-level industry certifications as well. These additional certifications and qualifications mean we are able to offer our clientele a wide range of programs beyond the typical CrossFit group fitness classes.

Whether you just want to get in a fun and fast workout, are training for competition or want to strengthen your focus through yoga, we have an instructor and program that’s just right for you.