3 Tools for Daily Mindfulness

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This isn’t a particularly novel message, but it’s one I’m sure a few of you can relate to:It’s been a pretty tough year or so. And by that I mean, not just the reality of things, but how our minds have processed it.  Many of us have felt job related stress and feelings of social isolation in ways and to …

Setting Goals Based On Your Current State

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Early 2014, my training was going strong.  I was diving back into a competitive fitness program after 5 years of competing in Strongman.   I was training hard, often.  I was eating well, sleeping well, and recovering well. Then in December, our first son was born.  Without a doubt, one of the best things to ever happen to me, and has …

Best At-Home Equipment

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Most of us at some point over the past year or so have tried an at-home workout.  Chances are you were cooped up, a little stir crazy, and missing your time in the gym. For some of our members – whether that was during quarantine or now with our long-term RVAPT Online folks – training at home has been incredibly …


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I vividly remember first getting a Concept 2 rower.  One of our initial “big” purchases before actually having a place to train, we somehow got the funds together to buy one for our apartment. I’m pretty sure I hopped on, and with little thought or care in the world, knocked out a 2k row as fast as I could. There …

Women’s Month Sneak Peak

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Coming up in March we have a month of activities for women in our community! Non-members are 100% welcome and encouraged to come. Every Wednesday at 6:30pm we’ll be hosting a women-only class with a different theme/focus for each one. Each week will have a sign-up (posted soon!) so you can reserve your spot. Stay tuned for more info coming …

Updated Covid Procedures

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WHERE WE’RE AT RIGHT NOW   As you all hopefully know, we’re operating in what feels like a fairly standard fashion at this point.   We’ve had 17,826 attendances since we reopened. We’ve had 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases come in the gym, and a few possible exposures. There has been zero transmission in the gym that we know of. As since we …

Why We’re No Longer Affiliated With CrossFit

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Hey folks,It’s a long one, buckle up. As many of you have already seen, we posted the following statement to Instagram yesterday.   “We can’t stand behind the actions and words of @crossfit and are pulling our affiliation.⁠ ⁠ They could have used this opportunity to address racism, to show their Black community they care, and to provide leadership.⁠ ⁠ Instead they’ve made …

Lifestyle, Self-Care, and Your Immune System

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While we can’t control a lot of what’s happening right now, we can control working towards building a healthy immune system and prioritizing our self care. By incorporating some of these basic healthy ideas listed below, you can better protect yourself and feel your best during this unprecedented time. Hopefully, these will turn into habits that you’ll continue to implement …

A Sanctuary for Fitness

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For 13 years we’ve honed our craft – providing great in-person coaching through group classes and personal training.   In just a few weeks, everything we’ve done as a business has been flipped upside down.  Of course, we’re not alone. Many businesses have had to quickly change how they offer their service.  Most of you have had to similarly change your …

28 At Home Workouts

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Hey folks, If you’re a member, you’ll have access to at home workouts, and even more if we get to a point where the gym must close. For our friends who aren’t yet members, click the button below to download 28 simple at home workouts you can do with little ot no equipment! Stay safe!