Do I need to be in shape before starting RVA Performance Training?

Absolutely not.

We’ve worked with all skills levels, and accommodate most people’s needs through our Group Classes and Personal Training.

“Getting in shape” before you start training with us likely won’t speed up your progress, or make those first few weeks any easier.

Come on in, and you’ll immediately begin getting good instruction and workouts.

How do I get started?

Getting started is a very simple process.

Before getting going, we suggest everyone come in for a free Intro session class. After that, you sign up for a membership, complete our Elements program with is typically a combination of 1-on-1 and small group classes, and continue training in our group programs.

What do all these acronyms mean?

AMRAP -as many reps/rounds as possible
BW -body weight
BS -back squat
C&J -clean and jerk
C2B -chest to bar pull up
DL -deadlift
EMOM -every minute on the minute
EOMOM -every other minute on the minute
FS -front squat
GHD -glute ham developer
GHR -glute ham raise
HRPU - hand release push up
HSPU -handstand push up
KB -kettlebell
KG -kilogram (2.2lbs)
MU -muscle up
OHS -overhead squat
PC -power clean
PP -push press
PJ -push jerk
PU -pull up or push up
PWR -power
RFT -rounds for time
RM -rep max
RX -as prescribed
SQ -squat
TTB -toes to bar
WB -wallball
WOD -workout of the day
METCON -metabolic conditioning

Why does this cost so much?

Joining RVA Performance Training is not a "gym membership" in the traditional sense.

Gym memberships typically provide gym access, and little more. It is also not a boot camp, or setup like a typical Group Exercise class.

Our Group Classes aim to bridge the divide between the standard gym membership and personal training; providing many of the benefits of personal training without the same cost.

When you come into RVA Performance Training you receive gym access, guidance, support, and accountability from a professional coach,, and adjustment of the workouts to fit your needs/ability level. We go beyond that, to check in on members when they haven’t been around for awhile, hang out after class to answer questions, and in general, try to provide a personal service to each of our members.

I see there’s CrossFit gyms around. Are you a CrossFit gym?

Short answer is that while we were Richmond's original CrossFit gym, we revoked our CrossFit affiliation in 2020.

All CrossFit gyms operate as separate businesses, licensing the same name. Because of this, all CrossFit gyms will be a little different. You’ll find differences in experience, types of workouts, demographics, and more. Like joining any other gym, do your research.

A few things to consider as you research CrossFit gyms in the area:

How long has the gym been around?

CrossFit has grown exponentially in the past few years, and it’s fairly easy to start your own CrossFit gym. There’s many available CrossFit gyms in the area, but RVA Performance Training was Richmond, VA’s first CrossFit Gym (not to mention Central VA’s first as well).

How experienced are their instructors?

RVA Performance Training's instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have been training with CrossFit methods for at least three years, and most of our instructors have a minimum of two years experience training others. RVA Performance Training frequently hosts subject matter experts to further the knowledge of our members, our instructors benefit by constantly being exposed to new training methods. Our instructors have also competed in Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, endurance sports, and of course, CrossFit.

Are they professional, presenting a good website, and responding quickly to email/phone calls?

This speaks for itself. If a gym doesn’t put energy into a professional appearance, there’s likely other areas they are lacking in as well.

Do they have a convenient schedule?

Check out our schedule. We have classes throughout the day, beginner’s classes five nights a week, and multiple free trial options.

Do they provide services outside of the CrossFit classes?

Our Performance program (formerly CrossFit RVA) is our largest, but we have other programs that we feel are complimentary. Make sure to check out RVA Fit, RVA Barbell, and our other specialty programs and services.

What is the typical class size?

Class sizes vary considerably, from just a few members at a time to 20.

Keeping a high level of service available for all members is a priority, and we routinely add in additional instructors to our larger classes.