CrossFit Group Classes

The CrossFit group classes are the backbone of what we do at CrossFit RVA. In a small group setting, we provide your exercise programming (warm-up, workout, and skill work) as well as instruction and supply all the necessary equipment. You will learn the basics of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, basic gymnastics and bodyweight movements, proper running mechanics and much more. You will always receive instruction from a CrossFit certified trainer and will constantly be observed to ensure that you are performing all movements in a safe and efficient manner.

We have a full staff of qualified trainers, and carry the experience of being the first CrossFit gym in central Virginia. We also offer great discounts for students, military, firefighters and law enforcement. Our facility is the undoubtedly the best-suited for performing CrossFit workouts in the area.

How do I get started with the CrossFit RVA Group Classes?

Check out our getting started page.

What is CrossFit?

The best place to begin learning about CrossFit is by going to CrossFit HQ and start reading. They have an extensive “What is CrossFit?” page, and they have several free journals that explain the basics of CrossFit. But in a nutshell, Crossfit workouts typically:

  • are short, the average being 15-20 minutes.
  • are intense. CrossFit uses movements which are executed at an intensity which are unsustainable over an extended period of time.
  • are timed/scored. Unlike most traditional gym routines, where a certain number of sets or reps are completed without a major concern for time, CrossFit workouts are frequently performed with a running clock or some kind of scoring system. You’re more inclined to perform if given a goal to shoot for, or someone to compete with. Your performance is recorded and compared over a period of time to gauge progress.
  • are highly varied. Most workouts will not be repeated within a 1-2 month period. Some may never show up again. Even the movements in your workouts vary greatly from day to day. Not only will your workouts never become monotonous, but the highly-varied nature of CrossFit workouts keep you constantly adapting and your fitness improving.

Who is CrossFit for?

CrossFit has been used by the sedentary, elderly, professional athletes, firefighters, law enforcement, and military. CrossFit is for anyone who is serious becoming more fit, whether their goal is to live a longer healthier life, improve their athleticism, or be better prepared for their job.

CrossFit is entirely scalable; volume, weight, and intensity can all be adjusted to meet your current level of fitness. The workouts are tough, but keep in mind that all posted WOD’s are at the prescribed level, and anyone who is new to CrossFit will start off with scaled workouts through our Elements of Fitness classes.