1. As stated in our membership agreement, you have the option to put your membership contract on hold. We understand things come up and we’d like to do what we can to help. We cannot retroactively apply membership holds, so please submit your hold request prior to your membership hold start date.
  2. Prior to submitting your membership hold request, please review the Membership Agreement terms below.

    CLIENT’S RIGHT TO HOLD​: ​The Client may request to place the Agreement on hold for 14-60 days (retroactive requests shall not be accepted). Client billing will continue in accordance to the original terms and billing cycle (frozen membership will be received at the end of the current membership term).

  3. EXAMPLE: If you are on a 12 month membership and choose to put your account on hold for 14 days in the middle of the membership, your billing dates will not change, but the 14 additional days of membership access will be added to the end of your contract. The "extra" 14 days have already been paid for during the term of your membership, and your membership will not be up for renewal until those days have elapsed.

  4. Upon expiration of the hold period that you select below, your account will automatically reactivate.