Nutrition Challenge – Week 8

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It’s the final week. Don’t forget to schedule your appointment to redo your bodyfat testing by e-mailing me; you should have already received an e-mail from me about it. Some of you have really excelled at the Challenge – even those of you who have been training with us for awhile and having been eating “pretty well”. I congratulate everyone who has made it through the Challenge with a better understanding of the foods they eat, and how they need to fuel their bodies for optimum performance and health.

Don’t forget that the other half of the Performance Nutrition Challenge is PERFORMANCE. We’ll be retesting our benchmark workouts on Monday, 3/29. Only one week away! I’ll have your old scores available, but it’s your responsibility to remember the exact manner you did the previous workout (double unders or not, which size band, any other scaling methods, etc..).