While the group coaching environment is the backbone of what we do at RVA Performance Training, our coaches are also highly skilled in handling individual clients.

Personal training is one of the fastest, most successful and motivational ways to reach your fitness goals; as well as a fantastic way for members to interact with our coaches in a one-on-one setting.

Whether you are someone with specific goals, special needs, limitations, a hectic schedule, or just someone who enjoys the one-on-one experience, personal training is the most effective way to accomplish all of your fitness goals.


  • Accountability

    Through one on one sessions our coaches can best hold you accountable to putting in the time and work to achieve your goals.

  • Focus on your unique goals

    We'll tailor each session so that we're giving you exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

  • Ideal training environment for success

    Group coaching is the background of our progress, but private training gives us the best opportunity to help improve your fitness and health.

  • One on one interaction

    Many of our members find that their one on one coaching interactions are what help them the most. Through personal training you'll receive undivided attention from our best coaches.



Feel free to bring a friend or partner and during your Intro session we will talk to you about your fitness goals, discuss our personal training program and let you participate in a one-on-one fitness session. No strings attached and the consultation is always free.