PNC II – Week 1

Hey guys,

Don’t forget, the Performance Nutrition Challenge II starts tomorrow! Our test WOD will be tomorrow – please e-mail me if you will not be able to make it, so that we can make sure you make it up.

Each week, I’ll be creating a page where you can post your comments, resources, and challenges during the PNC. Please register a username on our website (for you facebook folks, that’s not even necessary), and share with everyone else what you’re doing and how things are going. Check up at the top of the page each week.

Remember, while we do recommend a Paleo-style diet, this is not a Paleo challenege – there’s no points won for who adheres the most strictly to any diet. Don’t go crazy making comments on the website like “ZOMG! U can’t eat legumes wen UR doing Paleo????” First, you probably shouldn’t write like that anyways, but don’t sweat the smalls things until you’ve ridden your pantry of sugar, pasta and grains. I can’t promise that this simple formula will yield success for every individual, but it’s a great place to start. Don’t get crazy with the caloric restriction. Some of you will see excellent body composition changes simply following a Paleo-style diet. Some of you will snack on nuts all day and take in an extra 3,000 calories ( that may not work for you). Just don’t even think about it until you’re following our simple guidelines. Eat a good protein source at each meal, accompanied by vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Here’s some helpful resources to get you started: (You guys have been begging for a food list!) (and another!)

That should keep you guys busy for plenty of time.

Good luck! If you have questions, post them to the website so everyone can see. And remember, in the world of nutrition, very little is set in stone. Use this time to find what works for you.