When Was Your Last PR?

RVA Barbell, an Olympic Weightlifting program in Richmond, VA, is designed to help trainees improve their power, strength, and technical proficiency with the ultimate goal of lifting heavier weight in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Squat.


Each 90 minute+, limited class size session will have you performing Olympic lifts, assistance movements, as well as strength building and auxiliary exercises to make sure that you progress safely and consistently.


For those who wish to pursue competitive weightlifting, this program will prepare trainees of all levels for competition, and has produced many national event qualifiers, competitors, and a national champion.


Included in membership:

  • Access to ALL Group Classes and Open Gym

    Our RVA Barbell classes are part of our Group Class Membership, which includes access to CrossFit, RVA Fit, and more. Access to Open Gym allows you to train when it fits your schedule.

  • Expert Coaching

    Coaching in a small group during all scheduled group training times.

  • Weekly Programming

    Workouts are distributed weekly to all athletes, and may be customized based on each athlete’s needs.

  • Team Membership

    All RVA Barbell members are welcome to compete as a part of team RVA Weightlifting.


Have Weightlifting Experience?

Contact us through the contact form below, or at We’ll arrange for a time for you to participate in a group training session. Through this session, we’ll assess your needs as a weightlifter so we can best meet them.

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New To Weightlifting?

If you’re new to training, we’ll set you up with a free Intro session with one of our Instructors. Feel free to bring a friend or partner and during your Intro session we will talk to you about your training goals, walk you through the RVA Barbell program and take you through a short coaching session. By the end of the session, we’re confident you’ll know how RVA Performance Training can best fit your needs.



Jake Rowell

Jake Rowell has been coaching athletes in the Olympic lifts and at Olympic weightlifting meets since 2007. He has coached multiple athletes at several national meets, including 2017 National Champion Jaci Long.

In addition to coaching, Jake has run 10+ weightlifting meets since 2011 and is the current USAW Virginia LWC President.


Brandon Leary

Brandon “Gerry” Leary has been competing in Olympic Weightlifting meets and training athletes since 2012.


Megan Wood


Christopher Crowder

  • CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
  • USAW National Coach

Christopher, a recent GA transplant, but RVA Native was born with a heart condition that kept him from participating in sports until he was in his mid 20’s when he had a final surgery that removed his pacemaker. He found Weightlifting in 2006 and CrossFit in 2008, then started coaching both in 2011 and spends a good deal of time attending continuing education seminars and meeting with experienced coaches.


Jaci Long


Julie McGuire


Rashid Socarras


Caleb Redmond