RVA Endurance

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We are now offering CrossFit Endurance classes in a group class at CrossFit RVA. For more information, please visit the RVA Endurance website.

An increasing amount of research is being done which shows that Long Slow Distance training over long periods of time does not make you faster. Olympic caliber performers, and even many competitive high school and college athletes, rely less on clocking large amounts of mileage and more on fast, intense, and varied interval training. The facts are, you receive little added benefit to your Cardio-Respiratory Endurance from running more than 10 kilometers while running more than 13.1 miles will actually negatively impact your training. Overemphasizing long distance/duration workouts (oxidative) simply beats your body up without adequately allowing you to recover.

A new approach to endurance methodology has been gaining ground in the last year. Anaerobic Endurance is a program based on biomechanics, efficient movement, and variation in metabolic conditioning. It operates on the belief that endurance sports involve technique-driven skills which are learned and performed under intense duress and then applied over longer outputs–perform right, perform faster, perform longer. The beauty of this methodology: train less, go faster.

How does it work? You engage in a functional fitness program —a varied interval training program which runs the gamut from Olympic weight lifting to gymnastics to calisthenics—4 to 6 times per week. This builds a functional strength foundation through mid-line, core, and trunk development. Functional fitness also has the added benefit of training metabolic pathways (specifically, the phosphogen and glycolitic) often under-emphasized in traditional endurance programs. All of this translates into endurance performance by providing strength, power, and balance to more efficiently engage in long, intense exertion.

In addition to the functional fitness program, you then supplement your specific endurance sport 2 to 3 times a week with an emphasis on technique and speed training. You will achieve a greater level of overall fitness and still make staggering endurance performance gains.

Athletes who combine a functional fitness program and Anaerobic Endurance are reducing their sport-specific training time to less than 10 hours per week during peak training weeks. More importantly, they are consistently setting Personal Records, and remaining injury free.

At RVA Endurance our workouts are designed to be supplemented with a functional fitness program like Crossfit; either CrossFit RVA’s Workout of the Day (WOD), your affiliate workout, or a workout of your own devising. If you are creating your own workout, however, be aware that nothing will set you back faster, in terms of skills and conditioning, than poor programming. Follow the directions for each workout and, if you aren’t recovering and hitting the times that you should, take a rest day. Or two! Remember, without recovery, there can be no improvement!

So just how do you mix RVA Endurance and a functional fitness program? With progression! You’ll need to do the functional fitness program four to six days per week, then add RVA Endurance training by choosing one sport (per day) on the site and completing the WOD. Single-sport athletes will only complete two or three RVA Endurance workouts per week; multi-sport athletes will complete no more than two RVA Endurance workouts per sport, per week. Any more then this and over-training is guaranteed. A training cycle will typically consist of one interval workout, one tempo/stamina workout, and then another interval workout. The cycle should be spaced throughout the week.

Finally, we believe that you will enjoy this new approach to your training. Ultimately that is why we train and compete: to have fun!