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    We believe:

    • That healthy habits equal healthy outcomes
    • Consistency and patience are the keys to success
    • In a balanced and open approach to fitness and nutrition

    Many of our plans include "counting macros". What does it mean to count macros?

    There are 3 macronutrients that, for the most part make up our food. Each macro has it’s own unique functions and will comprise a different percentage of total caloric intake based on an individuals goals.

    These numbers are your “macros”, i.e.; the grams of proteins, carbs and fats you'll be consuming each day. You will need to weigh your food and input everything you eat into a macro tracking app like My Fitness Pal.


    Jaci Alberts-Long

    • CrossFit L1
    • Precision Nutrition-L1
    • USA Gymnastics certified coach
    • 14 USA Weightlifting National medals
    • Currently coaches CrossFit and Barbell at RVA Performance Training

    • Jaci has been a lifelong athlete competing as a Level 10 gymnast and National/International Olympic weightlifter. She has 10+ years of coaching experience between gymnastics, CrossFit, and weightlifting. Because of her athletic background and love of fitness, she started doing research on nutrition for her own knowledge. After several years of people reaching out for nutrition advice, she realized she should get the proper training/certification and become a coach herself.

      Jaci is a certified nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition and approaches nutrition on an individual level. She believes there is no-one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and is a known critic of fad and crash diets. She carefully assess her clients and comes up with a program for them that is meant to be sustainable for the long term.

    Kat Edwards

    • Precision Nutrition-L1
    • 14 USA Weightlifting Level 1

    In Process

    • Precision Nutrition Level 2
    • National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching Certification

    • Kat has her Precision Nutrition L-1 Certification and is currently working on completing her L-2. As a Crossfit competitor and competitive runner of 10 years, she has experienced the important role nutrition plays in athletic performance. She has also faced chronic health issues surrounding food intolerances and digestive health. Her journey navigating sports nutrition and chronic health issues has lead to her desire to work with others in optimizing their own health.

      She is passionate about helping clients create lifelong practices that improve their performance in both life and sport. She takes a deep health, whole person approach with her clients. From environment, to mental health, to physical health and beyond, Kat is dedicated to partnering with her clients to take their health, performance and life to the next level.