River City Strongman Challenge 2011

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The River City Strongman Challenge is coming to our new facility at 900 West Leigh Street on 9/10/11. 100% of spectator admission will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Please come spectate to cheer on competitors and contribute to a good cause.


The RCSC will have a novice class to all interested in giving the sport of Strongman a try!

Entry is at NA Strongman.

Events are:

Power Medley
Down signal must be received for any lift to count; Time limit will be 60sec.
[The athlete may pass any part of this medley but can NOT go back after touching the next implement] Women 100 axle, 120 Log, 225 DL, 315 18″ DL
Novice 180 axle, 180 Log, 350 DL, 500 18″ DL
Masters/Lightweights 200 axle, 220 Log, 450 DL, 600 18″ DL
Middleweights 230 axle, 250 Log, 500 DL, 650 18″ DL
Heavyweights 250 axle, 280 Log, 550 DL, 700 18″ DL

Max Yoke
50′ per attempt; 1 drop allowed per attempt; 3 attempts, Wessels rule; Time limit will be 60sec.
Minimum Opener will be 160 for all divisions.

Farmers Walk
120′ w/turn at 60′; 1 drop allowed; Time limit will be 60sec.
Women: 120s
Novice: 180s
Lightweight/Masters: 230s
Middleweight: 260s
Heavyweight: 280s

Tire/Sled medley
Tires provided by Leete Tire. Weights TBD.

Atlas Stones (tentative ranges provided; platform heights TBD)
Series of 5 Stones in 75 sec
Women: 135-240
Novice: 175-270
Lightweight/Masters: 215-350
Middleweight/Heavyweight: 240-360

As always, events subject to change.