Wilkes Weightlifting Seminar

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-This seminar will cover the Olympic lifts; the Snatch as well as the Clean and Jerk. In a small group setting, the coaches of Wilkes Weightlifting will work with attendees on form correction and a general understanding of the lifts. A general understand of the lifts is assumed; the focus of the seminar will be on technical correction, not general instruction.

Seminar schedule:

-Aspects of Snatching
-Practical Snatching (Personal Coaching)
-Strength and Programing
-Aspects of a Jerk
-Aspect of Cleaning
-Practical Clean and Jerking (Personal Coaching)


-Sunday, 8/21 from 10am-3pm with a short lunch break.


-$85. Seminar can be charged to your account. Head here to pay for the seminar.