Group Coaching Membership

Unlimited access to all of our Group Classes with routine guidance from our coaches.

View Details For Performance RVA, RVA Fit, and RVA Barbell

12 Month


Unlimited Group Classes



Unlimited Group Classes

Before attending our Performance RVA or RVA Barbell classes, new members must attend 6 sessions of our Elements program; a unique curriculum of 1-on-1 classes designed to best prepare you to get the most out of your time in the gym. New members may attend our RVA Fit classes as soon as they join while they are still completing their Elements sessions.

Cost of Elements is an additional $199 on the first month’s bill. This covers the cost of the six sessions at nearly a 60% discount from our normal personal training rate.

RVA Fit Membership

Unlimited access to our RVA Fit classes with routine guidance from our coaches.

12 Month


Unlimited Group Classes



Unlimited Group Classes

Personal Training

Train one on one with one of our coaches to work specifically on your unique goals.


6 Sessions


12 Sessions


24 Sessions

Small Group Training

Training in a small group of up to 3 people. Get the benefits of personal training, at a reduced cost!


Custom Programming

Achieve your goals with programming from a professional coach.

Note: Open Gym and/or Group Class access not included with Custom Programming

Custom Programming


Complete program tailored to your goals
Typically 3-5 days/week of training
Price increases with days/week and programming complexity

Supplemental Programming


Supplements an existing program or group class
Focus on one area of development

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Work with one of our certified nutrition coaches to master your nutrition, lifestyle, and habits.

Note: 3 months in our Foundations program or extensive work with a nutrition coach required before joining our Mastery program


Work with one of our coaches to form a basis for the nutrition and lifestyle habits to reach your goals.


Nutrition and lifestyle mentorship with an experienced coach
Individualized nutrition and lifestyle prescription
Weekly call or in-person meeting with your coach
Frequent check-ins and support


Coaching to help experienced athletes pursue their goals.


Weekly check-ins and adjustments
Individualized nutrition and lifestyle prescription

Membership Policies

General overview of our membership policies.
See membership agreement for full details.

Group Class Memberships

Memberships are billed through credit card or bank draft.

12 month memberships may be cancelled without penalty in the event of injury that prevents you from using a majority of the gym services, or if you’re moving too far away to use the gym.

Otherwise, memberships may be cancelled by paying 2 months worth of membership dues 14 calendar days or more before your next bill due date.

Memberships may be placed on hold for any reason. Holds can last for 14-60 calendar days. Billing continues through the hold period, and additional time is added on to the end of your membership.

All cancellations and holds must be submitted in writing through our website.

For month-to-month memberships, notice of cancellation must be given more than 14 calendar days before the next bill date.

Personal Training & Elements

You will be charged for personal training sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the session, or if you’re more than 15 minutes late.

All sessions expire within 1 year of original purchase date.

There are no refunds for personal training sessions purchased.


Two family members with concurrent memberships qualify for a 10% family member discount on Group Class Memberships for both family members. For each additional family member, there is an additional 5% added to the discount for all active family members.

Punch Cards

Punch cards only available for out of town guests that are here for an extended period of time or frequently return to the area.

All sessions expire within 1 year of original purchase date.

Punch cards are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another individual.


Other than those with significant experience, all new members joining our Group Coaching program will complete 6 discounted personal training sessions (Elements of Fitness) before starting Performance classes.