WOD 03/16/11

Brian WODs

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Today’s WOD:

5×5 @ 75%


3 Rounds:
500M Row
30 Hammer Swings (15 each side)

Advanced WOD:

Overhead Squat
3×5 @ 70%; then 1x max reps @ 70%


Muscle-Up Practice

If you don’t have muscle-ups yet, EMOM 10: 1 deadhang pull-up, 1 ring dip

We did barbell carries a couple Saturdays ago, construction workers thought, “wtf?”

So I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but the CrossFit Open thing is here. In an effort to streamline our judging/validating efforts, we are requesting that all Open athletes get to the gym early and be warmed up by the start of your workout. By that I mean if you are planning on doing the Open workout at 6:30PM on Thursday, you need to arrive before 6:30PM and be warm and ready to go when 6:30 rolls around. We’ll still have warm-ups posted for you, but you need to be responsible and get it done early. Totally excited. Breathe slow and move fast out there everyone!