WOD 04/06/11

Jake WODs

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Today’s WOD:

3×3 @ 85%


50 foot Farmer’s Walk with max weight possible

Advanced WOD:

5×5 @ 75%


Skill work for the Open WOD

The CrossFit Open Workout 3 is live with the corresponding instructions. Even though it’s another AMRAP, I’m glad to see something a little different!

Other important happenings at our gym include the next Nutrition Challenge! You can read the rules and details here. The basic gist of the challenge this go around is that we are going to ask you all to be more strict with your diets. Eating this Paleo-ish style is to establish a firm foundation upon which we can build. Every time you take a sugar cheat here and there, it completely offsets what we are trying to accomplish, so be disciplined. We know it’s not easy and we know you’re going to crave things (and whine), but honestly, suck it up. This is 8 weeks of your life that could potentially change your next 30 years. Isn’t it worth it to experiment on yourself for health and longevity?

We’ll also be providing everyone who signs up a hard copy of 30 days worth of recipes. Thank you Kat for compiling and organizing everything! The recipes will not be handed out to anyone that is not a part of the challenge, so if you want them you’ve got to get on the nutrition train. Think about it for a nanosecond and when you realize what a great idea it is, sign yourself up on the sheet at the gym. More details and posts about this subject are forthcoming.