WOD 04/11/11

Jake WODs

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Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds:
5 Handstand Push-Ups
5 Overhead Squats (115#/75#)
25 Wall Balls (20#/12#)
6 Rounds:
6 Pull-Ups
6 Front Squats
36 Burpees

Advanced WOD:

100 Squats
10 Ring Dips
90 Sit-Ups
20 Burpees
80 Lateral Jumps
30 Pull-Ups
70 Walking Lunges
40 Push-Ups
60 Ring Rows
50 Hollow Rocks

We will be doing body fat testing this week for participants of the PNC III challenge. Try to come in at the same time every day with similar hydration levels, it will help to improve the accuracy of the readings. We will do 2 readings a day, one after the other, for a total of 3 days to ensure the best accuracy possible.

I’ve had a few questions about legumes and beans and how they relate to our nutrition challenge. Here’s a good summary from Mark’s Daily Apple regarding legumes. To summarize, are legumes horrible for you? No, they have some redeeming qualities. However, they are hefty in carbohydrate content, which is typically something we try to avoid. If you don’t have any choice but to eat beans/legumes, then fine, eat them. Just know that they aren’t going to give you any superpowers unless you consider increased flatulence to be a superpower.

Hot weather is starting to peek around to corner and we’ve already had a couple of warm days here in Richmond. For many people, that means sandals and shorts are being dug out of the closets to go back into regular use. We wouldn’t dream of telling you what to do… but don’t wear flip-flops. They make you a crappy athlete.