WOD 04/25/11

Jake WODs

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Today’s WOD:

Floor Press


5 Rounds:
15 Hollow Rocks
5 Wall Walks

Advanced WOD:

400M Run
25 Thrusters (135#/85#)
500M Row
25 Sandbag Get Ups
400M Run
25 Pendlay Rows (135#/85#)
500M Row
25 Burpees
400M Run

Hopefully, everyone had a smooth first week with the Nutrition Challenge. We know the first and second weeks are pretty difficult as your bodies are adjusting to the radical changes in diet, but stay strong! It takes between 10 and 14 days for your body to clear out the toxins and garbage from the good ol’ SAD (Standard American Diet), so don’t cheat. Every time you take a cheat meal to make yourself feel better for 30 minutes, you restart the clock on the 2 week toxin cleansing period. Show a little backbone and have a little discipline. Don’t fail at life.

When you’re done feeling sorry for yourself, read a little something on insulin. Insulin is a major hormonal regulator in our body and you should have some basic knowledge about how it works. Take control of your diet and hormones for superhuman powers.