WOD 05/20/11

Jake WODs

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Today’s WOD:

10×2 @ 65%


2 Rounds:
400M Farmer’s Walk (24 kg/16 kg)
20 Burpees

Advanced WOD:

3×3 @ 80% (+10# for guys, +5# for girls)


5 minutes of Power Snatches (125#/75#) with 20 seconds on and 40 seconds off

Our lovely local Lululemonite, Val, did a write-up on mobility with a focus on yoga. Flexibility matters. Seriously. We try to mobilize you as much as we can before and after workouts and I’m more than happy to help folks with their individual goats, but at the end of the day, we’re putting a minor dent in your stiffness. Val put together a spreadsheet that has times, locations, and yoga types listed by day. If you’re serious about being a better athlete and a better human, find a class that is appropriate for you. Val is your girl if you need to ask about yoga for athletes.

If you want to do SuperFit, but don’t have a partner yet, utilize this page to meet up with potential partners.