Team WOD 06/18/11

Brian WODs

It was requested that we start posting on the day of our team workouts so athletes don’t have to post on Friday’s workout. Management took all factors into consideration and decided that it was a financially viable option. We won’t be posting the actual workout because they are programmed by the trainer working that morning, but you can post it to comments below. Now your Saturday efforts can live on the interwebz forever.

Important side note:
Post PNC party is being held today at Jenny’s house. She’s located at 2115 West Main Street and the party starts at 4 PM and runs until the cows come home. Non-paleo food and drink is encouraged by the gracious hostess. If you have issues locating the party, her phone number is posted to our facebook group and is also posted at the gym. All gym members are invited. Get out there.