WOD 12/21/11

Brian WODs

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Today’s WOD:

Skill Work:
Muscle Ups


3 Wall Climbs
6 Sandbag Get Ups (50#/35#)
9 Lateral Jumps over the sandbag

My thoughts on chippers are coming, but thanks for all the input. It’s great to hear from you guys. The trainers don’t get to see and hear your thoughts on these things too often and the comments section helps us communicate. Feel free to use the comments section each day to pose questions to fellow members and trainers. We’re all more than happy to throw out an opinion.

If you are unsure of our holiday hours, check out the “Schedule” link at the top of the page. There won’t be a 6:30 PM or 7:30 PM class on Friday and no classes on Saturday or Monday. Back to regular hours on Tuesday.