WOD 04/17/12

Brian WODs

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Today’s WOD:

Handstand Push-Up skill work


5 Rounds:
Max Rep Deadhang Pull-Ups
200M Sprint

With regards to the sore wrists and forearms thread on facebook (which if you haven’t read yet, do so), wrists and forearms are the joints and muscles that are the smallest in the overhead weight bearing system and because of that, they are the first to get tired out when we do overhead work. So how do we fix that little issue? Extra mobility in the wrists helps some, but mobility through the shoulders and thoracic spine pays huge dividends.

With overhead squats, the bar often lays back in the fingers with a wide grip stressing the forearm muscles. If you are able to bring your hands in closer together and straighten your wrists out, it takes a huge amount of stress off of your wrists and loads your shoulders and torso instead (read: bigger muscles and joints). Girls often have an easier time with this than guys because they are generally more mobile through the shoulders.

Many of you know how to do thoracic spine work on a foam roller and banded shoulder mobs, so do them. Or hate overhead squats for the rest of your life because you’re too lazy to mobilize your tight bits. Your choice. If you unsure of how to go about becoming a “supple leopard”, flag down a trainer at the gym. We’re here to help!