Michelle S’ Performance Nutrition Challenge testimonial

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Michelle Shearer, with the creatively named “Team 3”, won PNC VII. We asked her to to provide some feedback on his experiences with the PNC. These are here answers:

CFRVA: Why did you choose to do the PNC?

MICHELLE: I had been consistently doing crossfit and eating paleo for about a year with great results but noticed it had tapered off and wanted a new challenge. In other words, I wanted to lose more fat and get stronger.

CFRVA: How was your experience with your PNC Team?

MICHELLE: Great. We had the shared experience to help us get through pitfalls/challenges. I think we all slipped off at some point but we were never hard on one another for it. Also, it encouraged us to show up at the gym more often to be accountable to one another.

CFRVA: What changes did you see in your body/performance?

MICHELLE: Honestly, this was a little tricky at first because even though I was seeing changes in my body, my performance struggled a little and I wasn’t feeling as strong. I had to adjust what I was eating about halfway through (ATE MORE) in order to see an improvement in my performance.

CFRVA: What would you say to someone who was on the fence about joining the PNC?

MICHELLE: Just do it, you have nothing to lose. A lot of it is about meal prep, planning, smart choices and consistency (not perfection).

Notice how Michelle said she had trouble with her performance during the challenge and was forced to eat more in order to improve? Yeah, we did too. That’s why the new, improved PNC focuses on quality, quantity, and timing tailored to your Lean Body Mass and activity levels. You will know exactly how much you are supposed to eat and in what combinations to avoid those lulls in performance. Spots are limited! Sign up here today: Sign-up sheet or sign-up with any instructor during regular group classes.