WOD 03/09/11

Brian WODs

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Today’s WOD:

Push-Up practice
3×10 of any push-up form that allows the chest to touch the deck or an abmat. Untimed.



150 Wallball Shots

Last completed on 10/14/10 by the advanced class and 10/13/10 by the regular class.

Advanced WOD:

5×5 @ 75%


Row for 5 minutes at a 20 stroke per minute pace.

The CrossFit Games site is live. Go there and register yourself as an individual for $10 and then search for CrossFit RVA to add yourself to the squad. Jake has to approve all requests, so be patient. If you have questions about registering, feel free to post them here and we’ll answer the best we can.

We really want to encourage everyone to register and participate in the upcoming workouts. The way we see it, you’re going to be working out anyways, why not work out with a little extra purpose? Your workouts could help put us over the top for regionals qualification, so don’t be shy. Furthermore, and maybe most importantly, competing forces you to bring a little extra fire to your daily routine and it’s pretty damn fun. Aren’t we all at CrossFit to get fitter and healthier? I promise there’s nothing quite like it within the CrossFit community. See you out there!