WOD 07/19/11

Brian WODs

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Today’s WOD:

3 Ring Pull-Ups
6 Toes to Bars
9 Squats

For your ring pull-ups, work on maintaining that false grip for all reps. Muscle up skill work, yo.

Fun announcements:

Wilkes weightlifting is coming to RVA. These guys are great lifters and great coaches. If you have any interest in Olympic lifting, you should attend this seminar. Previous attendees: spout off in the comments below and let these people know how much fun it is.

We’re hosting a Fight Gone Bad 6 event. It’s a Saturday and you’re probably working out anyways. Make it for a good cause. Money raised goes to some excellent organizations.

Your tentative schedule below:
1. Do weightlifting seminar.
2. Participate in FGB6.
3. ???