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A few quick notes about tomorrow morning:

There will be no regular 9am class – only the 31 Heroes workout. Yoga will still be at 10am.

-If you don’t have a partner, don’t sweat it. Talk around with folks when you get here, and we can try to help as well.

-We’ll run heats until it’s all said and done. We can do heats of 10+ people, I’m guessing we’ll be done within 2 hours.

-Heats are first come, first serve. I’ll open the doors at 8:30, if you want to get in the first heat, be there.

-If you plan on scaling the rope climbs with towel pull-ups, bring your own towel.

-Sandbags are all 50#.

If you plan on doing the workout tomorrow, you have to be registered at www.31heroes.com. It’s a charity workout, and registering is how the charity is collecting funds.