Weather Update – 1/17/18

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No 6am CF/RVA Fit, 7am CF, 9:30am CF tomorrow, Wednesday January 15th.. Noon will be tentative. Will update by 10am tomorrow morning.   3:30,4:30,5:30,6:30,7:30pm classes are on. Open gym 3:30-8:30pm Be safe!

Are you in the fog?

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Some people call it “the fog” others call it “low carb flu” but, no matter what it is known by, some of you may be experiencing energy decreases or outright crashes four to five weeks into the PNC. There are likely some reasons for this and a couple of tricks that may lift you from the doldrums. Weekly Ubiquitous caveat: …

Next Elements of Fitness Program Begins April 5th

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Elements of Fitness Class #01 will be meeting Monday and Thursday Evenings at 6:00pm in April, consisting of 8 total sessions. The program runs April 5th through April 29th. Elements of Fitness is a month-long program that prepares new CrossFit RVA members to enter in our group classes safely and efficiently. The new member will be taught in a small …