Your First Day At CrossFit RVA (Part 2)

Jake Articles, Updates

Get To It Class begins promptly at the scheduled time. Make sure you’re in the main training area; if you’re somewhere else in the gym, you may not hear the Instructor start class. Class begins with a group warm-up. The Instructor will lead the group through a 10-15 minute warm-up, explaining all movements, demonstrating them, and coaching members to perform …

What’s new about the Performance Nutrition Challenge?

Matt Articles, PNC VIII

Progress is our passion. From workouts, to programming, equipment, or the overall experience of training at CrossFit RVA we are continually scrutinizing results and overhauling our methods to deliver the maximum dose of effectiveness for the widest population. Our long running Performance Nutrition Challenge (PNC) is no different. For our eighth iteration of the PNC we are offering new guidelines …

Performance Nutrition Challenge VIII Announcement

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After reading your survey results we’ve created a new, improved Performance Nutrition Challenge. Since we’ve revamped the PNC, spots will be limited! *** Sign up here:*** Performance Nutrition Challenge (PNC) VIII is a CrossFit RVA member only competition that focuses on food quality, caloric quantity, and macro-nutrient ratios and timing Runs from: 6/21-8/02 Test Week (3 body fat scale …

Your First Day At CrossFit RVA (Part 1)

Jake Articles, Updates

Congratulations! You just joined a training facility that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in a fun, challenging group class environment. The first step is often the hardest, and as a member, you’re already made that step. Now that you’re a member of the gym, your next challenge is to begin training with us and integrate into the …

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

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This weekend’s schedule is as follows…… Saturday: Normal 8:30/9:30 am classes are a go! Sunday: 11am Yoga with Mina Monday: Memorial Day Murph – Free to everyone that wants to come. Bring a family member or friend and support our nation. Heats start at 9:00am and 10:30am

8 Tips for the CrossFit Initiate: Part 2

Jake Articles

Last week we gave our new members a few tips to make the most out of CrossFit RVA with 4 tips. This week, here’s another 4 to make sure you’re quickly getting the most from your membership. 5. Listen to your Instructors We’re happy to have an extremely experienced group of instructors. Between our top 3 positions, there’s 2 Masters …

How Does Your Race Calendar Look?

Charlie B Articles, Endurance

The holidays are over and it’s time for endurance athletes old and new to start looking at how they want to fill up their race calendar. This is probably the most stressful time of the year for us since any race you commit to means money spent upfront that weather, injuries or annoying life events can abruptly cancel with no …